About Polish market

Dynamic growth of Polish economy can be beneficial for everyone, who would buy a real estate there or invest capital. You also can take an advantage of it.


Poland is worth investing in!

Wealthy foreign individuals and large corporations are already convinced – now it is your turn. Let your capital work in Poland!

Poland has changed. It does continously. Decades of uninterupted prosperity and diligence of its citizens give momentum to the Polish economy. We are large market – resistant to extermal turbulences, but open at the same time. We are attractive place for foreigh labour force.

Our education, strive to success and innate enterpreneurship joined with Western capital and technology are solid factors for Poland to become an attractive place for investors.


Our perspectives are highly rated. The European Commission, the World Bank and the most opinion-forming foreign media are forecasting Poland’s economic growth at a level that places us at the forefront of Europe. It’s worth taking an advantage of it!


GDP growth rate in 2017


Investments growth rate in 2017


All-time low interest rate level


Benefits of investing in Poland

Variety of apartments

A record number of apartments is being built in Poland. This creates unique conditions to find your dream property for yourself or for rent. You can earn money on the rent you receive and on the increasing value of your property.

Security of transaction

Polish economy is considered to be developed. Its stability results from the size of the internal market and strong exports. This, along with belonging to the European Union, guarantees security of investments.

Investment opportunities

The dynamics of the Polish economy generate investment opportunities. Real estate prices are rising, and the stock market is reaching record levels. A multitude of available instruments allows you to earn in any market conditions.

Good credit conditions

Money has never been so easily available in the history of Poland. Record low interest rates, EU funds and capital from private investors. All this means that every venture - from buying a flat, to developing a business, becomes really affordable.

Inflow of employees

Our country has become the target place of life for millions of employees from abroad. They raise the production capacity of the economy while being a large group of recipients of domestic products. This has a positive impact on the development of the whole country.

Tax incentives

Polish law provides for the possibility of saving as much as 19% of capital gains tax and the possibility of deducting 23% VAT from real estate for rent. It`s worth taking advantage of it!

Earn money thanks to the growing economy

We transform the advantages of the Polish economy into your success and make you benefit in all market conditions.


We offer:


  • Free consultation – including online
  • Best offers from Polish market
  • Substitution in organization of formalities
  • Legal and tax supervisory over transaction
  • Technical review of the property

You do not have to be present on site to conduct transactions. We will meet online, we will arrange the arrangements by e-mail, we will send the documents by courier, and on the spot you will be represented by our representative.


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What makes us special?

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